Cats! on Capture Minnesota


Photographer Joe Ebsen selected two of my photos of rescue kitties to include in the Capture Minnesota photo contest!

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Feline Rescue, Inc., St. Paul, MN

Cody is one of the cats currently living at Feline Rescue. He presented with an eye infection so bad, the only solution was to surgically remove the eye. He is a handsome, sweet fellow…

Feline Rescue, Inc. is a Minnesota based no-kill companion cat rescue organization established in 1997 in Minneapolis, MN. It is an all volunteer organization, with no paid staff;  funded exclusively through donations and grants. They receive no municipal, state, or federal funding. Their mission is to provide safe shelter, veterinary care, and socialization for stray, abandoned, or abused cats until good permanent homes can be found for themThey provide rescue and relief to homeless and endangered cats in our community through programs that offer shelter, foster, social and medical rehabilitation, feral and stray management, spay/neuter subsidy, and community education. Check them out on Facebook:  MORE POSTS FROM FELINE RESCUE TO FOLLOW!!